Established Coffee | Agata Natural | Brazil

Established Coffee | Agata Natural | Brazil

Agata Natural - Brazil (250g)

Chocolate | Hazelnut | Honey Blossom

Farm: Santa Helena
Country: Brazil  
Variety: Catuai
Process: Natural 

This Brazilian natural ticks all the boxes of a 'coffee coffee', with a solid base of chocolate and hazelnut, but it also has much more to offer.

There is a floral note on the nose that improves the aroma, hints of citrus to add complexity through acidity, and a lingering dried stone fruit note that elevates the aftertaste to make this a coffee that will work both as a go-to for espresso based drinks as well as a solid everyday drinker as a filter brew!

A 'coffee coffee' that is a great every day drinker and works well with both black and milk-based drinks.

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